Famous Celebrity bridesmaids on their relatives or friends wedding

celebrity bridesmaids

Whether your aunt or your friends, you will never be able to predict which day you will be their bridesmaids, maybe bridesmaid dress is not your ideal style or your favorite color, but bride is the most important in the wedding day, all the focus of all that belongs to her. The bridesmaids do is to accompany those shy bride, and gave her full blessing and love, then gracefully through the day, of course, outside the spotlight of the stars who will be a friend or a close family bridesmaid, let us look at the most competent stars bridesmaids, bridesmaid dresses with reference to their choice!

Pippa Middelton at her sister princess Kate wedding

Pippa Middelton’s long white bridesmaid dress on Princess Kate’s wedding in 2011

Pippa Middelton

2011 Princess Kate’s sister Pippa Middelton, she worn Alexander McQueen’s custom dress in Princess Kate and William’s wedding, her elegant figure made her become one of the most famous bridesmaids.

Rihanna's purple bridesmaid dressRihanna

Rihanna was wearing purple bridesmaid dress on her assistant Jennifer Rosale’s wedding in April.

Georgia May Jagger's grey bridesmaid dressGeorgia May Jagger

The Singer Leah Wood2008 wedding have many big stars, bridesmaids include British supermodel Georgia May Jagger as well as child actress Jemima Kirke.

Lena Dunham's chiffon gray bridesmaid dress

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham as her best girlfriends Isabel Halley’s bridesmaids organized in June 2014 wedding.

Kate Bosworth's black bridesmaid dresses

Kate Bosworth’s black bridesmaid dress on her friend wedding in 2008

Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth was wearing a special black bridesmaid dresses to attend a friend’s wedding in 2008.

Jennifer Lawrence as bridesmaid on her brother's weddingJennifer Lawrence

Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence (the right one) as a bridesmaid at her brother’s wedding in August 2014.

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Claire Pettibone’s spring and summer bohemian wedding dresses

The world famous wedding dresses brand Claire Pettibone every year of the garment, itself with a strong female romantic, clothing back is also handled charming yet graceful. In the details and decorative embellishment, it is so fine. Slim clipping cultivate one’s morality and the use of a large number of lace to make wedding dress look elegant and beautiful, and fits well the female qualities, is the bride’s love.

sexy v neck mermaid wedding dresssexy deep v neck lace wedding dress

Sexy deep v neck lace wedding dress

A woman carries on rural girl, romance and all the fancy dress brand, in the recently launched a new product line, has lasted for only beautiful style, the product line is mainly presents the Bohemian romantic amorous feelings, the most surprising is that all its products under $3000, approachable price, let more women have the opportunity to personally put it a round own dream princess.

sexy v neck lace wedding dress with embroidery flowersshort lace wedding dress with long sleevesThis series of works, inspired by Morocco and English garden villa, with delicate lace and multi-level lace design, an elegant palace restoring ancient ways and rural feeling, these products are expected in November 2014 to spring 2014 open order, if you are fascinated by this style of wedding dress bride, pls quickly take action it now.

sexy v neck lace mermaid wedding dress with flower belt

Sexy deep v neck mermaid lace wedding dress

sexy chiffon off shoulder wedding dress


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That’s stunning formal wear for Kate Blanchett on the red carpet

In Oscar’s guide on the golden globes, Kate Blanchett won the best actress award. Let us excited, not only for her performance in the film, but also she is wearing Armani black lace formal dress amazing moments of stages. Given her, of course, after the red carpet of countless high-lever performance, golden globe became a matter of course.

Kate Blanchett is praised as “the tide of a millennium Icon”, her fashion show “perfect”. On the basis of maintain a high level, she was a “fashion adventurers”, willing to try all kinds of style of the modelling. We can’t wait for the Oscar for her red carpet and dumped.

Take a look at Kate’s some of the classic style over the years:

Galliano halter formal dress decorated with flowers

In 1998, Oscar, Galliano halter formal dress decorated with flowers

Jean Paul Gaultier black halter dress decorated gold
In 2000, Oscar, Jean Paul Gaultier black halter dress decorated gold

pregnant Kate's Donna Karan sexy dragging red formal dress
In 2004, the Golden Globes, pregnant Kate’s Donna Karan sexy dragging red formal dress 

Valentino yellow one shoulder irregular formal dress

Photo credit: Valentino irregular one shoulder yellow formal dress

In 2005, Oscar, for the first time to received the queen for the film, Valentino irregular one shoulder yellow formal dress

Versace metallic strapless short formal dress

In 2006, a premiere, Versace metallic strapless short formal dress

In 2007, the New York Metropolitan Costume Institute Gala, Balenciaga metallic sequined dress

In 2007, the New York Metropolitan Costume Institute Gala, Balenciaga metallic sequined dress

lilac lace long formal dress


Long lilac purple formal dresses

In 2011, Oscar, Givenchy lilac lace mirror design pleated skirt

black and white hit color formal dress

2012, Juan Carlos Obando half black and white hit color geometric mosaic perspective dress

Givenchy black halter strapless dress

2013, a premiere, Givenchy halter strapless black evening dress

Source: http://www.formaldressesaustralian.com/kate-blanchetts-stunning-formal-dress-red-carpet/

Three style strapless formal gowns in 2015

In each a wedding, the bride is the focus of attention, but in fact, the wedding is also a place where the girls contests, except for the new rituals, most of the time the wedding is free, by its numerous and birth of the new couple to to attract the eye to see that it is essential in a nice dress. Today we recommend three different styles of strapless formal dress to help you find that special someone!

lip pattern short formal dress

Lips print short strapless formal dress

The lips print tee dress culmination of temptation, watercolor outline the lips soft delicate pattern, strapless styles will be show pretty collarbone and shoulder completely, with the full three-dimensional pleated skirt, it is full of sexy side.

sweet blue short strapless formal dress

Sweet short strapless blue formal dress

The strapless mini tulle skirt is sweet and elegant, very feminine design is stunning, ball gown skirt, tender and sweet, the upper body modeled on the style of ballet skirt bodice, very tempting, it is highlighting your gentle lovely, gentle touching side.

geometric patterns knee lenth strapless formal dressGeometric patterns strapless short formal dress

The geometric patterns strapless dress is exudes a deep sense of the exotic, eye-catching prints with a sepia tone has unique flavor. In the version, it is borrowed corset design, add vertical flute support and help modify stature to highlight the slender straight lines.

Michigan Prom Dress Causes Debate | Too Revealing For School?

Michigan Prom Dress Causes Debate

Mireya Briceno, a high school senior, was kicked out of her prom for wearing this dress, which her school believed violated the dress code and was too revealing for school. We completely disagree.  This dress should not have been banned!

Michigan Banned Prom Dress | Mireya Briceno

When Mireya went prom dress shopping with her mom they went with the prom dress code guidelines in hand to ensure the dress refrains from breaking any rules.

“The guidelines specifically said backless prom dresses are acceptable,” Connie Briceno, Mireya’s mother, told Yahoo Parenting.“The rules stated the prom dress needed to adhere to the ‘fingertip rule’ – meaning the dress had to hit below your fingertip when standing with her arms by your side. They also said no midriff showing, which to me means stomach. And they said the words, ‘Backless dresses are acceptable.’ ”

Muskegon High School Prom Dress Code

The dress code for the Muskegon High School Prom specifically stated that backless dresses were acceptable to wear for the event.

“Other girls were wearing similar style dresses, like dresses with cutouts, and dresses with sheer lining on the midriff,” Connie says. “Why were they allowed to stay and my daughter wasn’t?”

This is a question that even we are asking, based on the photo below. I feel that her friends dress is slightly more revealing then Mireyas was, so why was she treated differently for a more modest dress? Why is her dress too revealing for school while her friends dress was perfectly fine?

Mireya Briceno and friend

“When Mireya first arrived at prom, she had no problem getting in,” Connie says. “She took a picture with her cheer coach, she took pictures with her friends, and she hung out, got punch, it was no big deal,” stated Mireyas mother. “But after an hour, the vice principal approached her and asked her to stand up. After she stood up, she was asked to turn around, and when she did the vice principal just said, ‘You have to leave, this is a prom dress code violation.’”

“Any explanation would help, but what’s done is done,” Connie adds as she painfully recalls how her daughter called her crying from the Muskegon High School parking lot.

“I told her to go to dinner with her boyfriend, and try to enjoy her evening,” Connie says. “She was really upset. She has her boyfriend’s prom in two weeks, but still, this was her prom. She missed out on a memorable time with her friends.”

Mireya Briceno and her prom date

These two look adorbs in their matching white and royal outfits! How can the school turn down this super cute prom couple? What do you think about prom dress codes? Was her dress style violating any of the rules? We want to hear from you!

michigan banned prom dressmichigan banned prom dress 2Mireya Briceno prom dressMireya Briceno prom dress 2Mireya Briceno banned prom dressMireya Briceno prom dress 1
Source: prom dresses by weddingbuy.co.uk

Five colors bridesmaid gowns for young fashion girls

Bridesmaid style is not stereotyped, through dress and holding flowers cleverly echoes, which you will find endless charming! Today we will give you five bridesmaid style to show the bridesmaid fashion.

water color bridesmaid dress with beautiful bouquet

Photo by:pastel color bridesmaid dress

One: water color, garden style

As watercolor charming style theme, water color bridesmaid dress with a soft bouquet, shallow and soft feeling is especially fits for spring and summer outdoor wedding. It does not require cumbersome accessories, the more simple, it will be more beautiful!

white and orange color bridesmaid dressTwo: Tropical style

Want more summer passionate feelings? Let coral, peach pink, orange to help you! Bright colors of peonies, dahlias, as well as a very tropical plants is more supporting this style.

yellow bridesmaid dress with babysbreath

The girl is wearing yellow bridesmaid dress with a bunch of babysbreath

Three: Exquisite Modern style

With delicate silhouette of bright yellow silk dress is especially for fits for modern wedding, you have to do the one thing that the bouquet is as concise as possible, a simple bow can do it all.

dot short bridesmaid dress with beautiful bouquet

Four: Popular printing

Do you want to follow the trends? Dress with print dress for your bridesmaids! Polka Dot skirt with a full bouquet is very praise, Yamagata patterns, stripes, flowers and printing are a good choice.

white lace short bridesmaid dress with babysbreath

The bridesmaid is wearing white lace bridesmaid dress with a bunch of babysbreath

Five: beautiful and romantic

White lace dress with a bouquet babysbreath fits for romantic and fresh wedding. Accessories is also try to choose a soft style, but try to use bright colors, such as yellow, escape out is good choice!

Know A Teen Who Needs A Prom Dress?

Know A Teen Who Needs A Prom Dress?

High school prom is one of the most memorable moments of a teen’s life. And the Ocean County Library system has been working to ensure that every girl who wants to attend one has a dress for the event.

So after collecting dresses for several weeks earlier this year, the library system is now giving them away.

The dresses will be made freely available to middle school and high school-aged students attending graduations and dances. Dresses include long gowns and short cocktail dresses plus there are also shoes and accessories available.

The dresses will be available Tuesday, April 28, from 4-8 p.m. at the Manchester branch (on Colonial Drive just off Route 37) and then they will be at the Toms River branch (on Washington Stree) Thursday from 4-8 p.m., Friday from 1-4 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Toms River is hosting a street fair on Saturday, so anyone coming to the dress giveaway on Saturday is urged to park behind the library in the parking structure.

Source: prom dresses online Australia